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ISO-9001 IQnet 2015.jpg Meeting a fundamental quality policy of the company, ITALIANA RELE' achieved since 1998 a complete certification of their Quality System, fully complying with the requirements of the EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. An important step...



NT5.jpg LAMINAR SOLENOID for AC applications. We recently introduced a new laminar solenoid to complete our traditional NT Series, reprenting the bigger format to date within that series and generating much higher forces. The new size is...


Italiana Rele Italy - Electromechanical relays - Linear solenoids

Series E

All-or-Nothing relays ideally suited for any electronic appliances demanding very compact design and low power consumption. Design includes a protective dust cover and a completete range of contact configrations, single or double pole, with ratings up to 16A and a complete range of DC and AC coil supply voltages. Terminations are for...

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Italiana Rele Italy - Electromechanical relays - Linear solenoids

Type RM1

Bistable linear solenoid ideally suited for battery operated applications, as its plunger will remain firmly latched by the action of a permanent magnet, keeping the solenoid in a virtual "zero electricity and heating" state as...

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Italiana Rele Italy - Electromechanical relays - Linear solenoids

Type ZVE

Screw terminal sockets designed for use with 8/11-pin relays (model C42 & C43). Panel mounting can be arranged either directly or via DIN-46377 Omega rail. Screw terminals with jaw-type rising clamps. Reduced lateral dimensions...

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